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The Children's Cottage Society

The Children's Cottage Society needed to get the word out about their services and chose Talking Light Media to help them. "Put Yourself in Our Picture" used the difference in what children say and what they draw to emphasize the needs the Children's Cottage meets. 

Kids Cancer

Kids Cancer Care

Talking Light Media worked with Butterfly Typhoon Pictures and Freshwater Creative on a number of promotional videos for Kids Cancer Care over the years. 


The Doorway

The Doorway needed to get their message out and they wanted to do it in non-typical video. Using a rant style video, Roger Kingcade, let everyone know what The Doorway is all about.


Renfrew Educational Services: Abby

For over 10 years Talking Light Media has had the privilege of working with Renfrew Educational Services on their gala videos. Abby is one of the special stories about special kids used in a gala video.

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